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The recipes of grandmothers in restaurants

One of the formulas that many restaurants use to increase their sales is to have a varied offer that attracts different types of customers. Among the recipes found in your letters, there are some that can steal the heart and appetite of many diners, regardless of age,... [ Read more]


Renowned interior designers present their latest projects at the Forum Hotels & Retail Design Madrid within the framework of Intergift

Intergift will once again host the Forum Hotels & Retail Design Madrid , which will highlight trends in interior design for the hotel sector , as well as restaurants and commercial spaces . Organized by Grupo VIA,... [ Read more]


Mobile use by hotel staff helps efficiency, guest satisfaction

Hotels and vendors are realizing that hotel staff using mobile devices, whether their own or a hotel-provided device, can offer efficiency benefits, often leading to increased guest satisfaction. “It has untethered the entire operation—you no longer need to be near a [personal computer] or... [ Read more]


San Sebastián will host the annual OAD gala in which the 2019 list of the Top 100+ European Restaurants will be presented

In May, from 18 to 20, San Sebastian becomes OAD headquarters to host the events that will be held on the occasion of the announcement of the Top 100+ European Restaurant list this year... [Read more]


In March the 4th edition of S.Pellegrino Young Chef

S.Pellegrino announces a new edition of S.Pellegrino Young Chef, a culinary competition worldwide that will help young people to access the gastronomic... [Read more]


The first International School of Hotel Receptionists is born

Founded and created by the Hotels themselves to provide Quality Training, professional and of the highest level, the International School of Hotel Receptionists , based in... [Read more]


The hoteliers ask for the reduction of the Social Security fees in low season

The Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (Cehat) has today asked the Government to include in the General State Budget of 2019 a reduction of the social... [Read more]


HORECA Baleares 2019

HORECA Baleares 2019 is an event for professionals in the HORECA... [Read more]


The average price of hotels in Spain in 2018 was € 99 per day

HRS, has published its latest report "Hotel Price Radar" on the prices of hotels booked through its portal in 2018. According to this study,... [Read more]

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