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The recipes of grandmothers in restaurants

One of the formulas that many restaurants use to increase their sales is to have a varied offer that attracts different types of customers. Among the recipes found in your letters, there are some that can steal the heart and appetite of many diners, regardless of age, lifestyle or gastronomic preference.

We talk about the recipes created by our ancestors, cooked in the heat of the home, full of flavor and memories. Is there something more emotional than a good broth of the grandmother? That is why it is not surprising that many restaurants have become a trend, to cook recipes of a lifetime and sell them as star dishes , because they make everyone's mouth water.

Slow nostalgia

The best way to apply this strategy is for the recipes to have a real story behind them. A recipe with a storytelling that is counted little by little, when the client reads the name of the dish on the menu, listens to the explanation of the waiter and finally when he tastes it. The idea is to generate an instant empathy , so that the diner enjoys the dish more and remembers it with greater security.

Imagine that it is a delicious veal stew with potatoes and spices, a recipe from Lucy, the chef's mother, who cooked it to celebrate the annual visit of her grandparents who lived far away.

At the time of selling the dish, you call it "Happy stew of Lucy" . A more attractive name for customers, than a simple "Stew of veal with potatoes".

Add to that ... an emotional explanation of the story and what it represents for the chef, both in the description of the dish, and in the attention of the waiter ... and the magic will be served. You will achieve a marketing action with a great impact for the restaurant.

And is that if you read in the letter these names, which one would you ask? The "Cream of vegetables" or the "Cream of tender vegetables of the grandmother" . The second option surely.

Dishes such as lasagne "de la nonna" , traditional quiches in all their varieties, a classic lamb or baked chicken or the ancestral meatballs, can become very attractive recipes for your letter associated with the nostalgia of home.

And with the desserts , it works too! since we mix two psychologically emotional elements: the sweet (also associated with love) and the recipe of the grandmother.

In this sense, cakes and pies in their countless versions, can be a good option. If in your restaurant you sell, for example, a rich recipe for cheese or apple pie, from one of the families of the team, with an emotional name and a history behind it, you could attract customers who practically come to the restaurant for this dessert. It will also have to be delicious of course!

Technology and tradition

On the internet, there is an infinity of content about great grandmother stories and the food they prepared for their families, such as post-millenium entertainment. Even Youtube channels dedicated exclusively to them, with great popularity.

You can mix technology with tradition through digital marketing by doing:

Articles or videos with the explanation of the history of the dishes and the recipes step by step and publish them in the blog of the restaurant, the web and social networks, with great images.

Direct from Facebook or Instagram. Can you imagine the reaction of your customers / followers, if the grandmother or family member of the recipe, prepared it live with your chef? Surely they would take a good surprise!

Collaborations with influencers that handle this type of content of traditional and homemade recipes, and invite them to try the dishes of the restaurant so they can comment on their channels. It is also a good idea to offer discounts to followers of these influencers, so they can come and try your "grandma's recipes".

And it is without a doubt that the kitchen is a universal archetype of love transmitted from generation to generation through food. Why not use this imaginary common to all, to make your customers happy and increase your sales? Turn on the stove, season the stories and let the customers rain!

Source: theforkmanager

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The recipes of grandmothers in restaurants
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