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Ana Belén Toribio: The best sommelier in Spain

An essential piece in the communication of any winery that claims to be it is the sommelier. A profession that is beginning to be on the rise in our country but still has much more to do than the kitchen that has experienced an unusual boom in recent years.

If you look back, probably the first people who worked as sommeliers would be surprised at how the profession has changed. The wine service has had a significant and parallel presence to the kitchen since ancient history and today is an indisputable element to harmonize the dishes.

Ana Belén Toribio is a vocational journalist who always liked to write and tell stories. In his signature they combine good taste, the story of a gastronomic reality and the sensations generated by a sector as exciting as this one.

Toribio began writing about wines from a young age and was trained to offer information, with an opinion formed, becoming a sommelier. It was then that he realized how much he was passionate about the world of wine and sensory analysis. Today he is a member of the Madrid Association of Sommeliers (AMS) and the Association of Wine Journalists and Writers (AEPEV).

In his opinion, the preparation of a good wine has a cost, but other factors such as marketing must also be taken into account. In his opinion there are 'great expensive wines' and some other 'great wine' cheaper, but if you value quality you have to be willing to pay for it.

How to choose a good wine

For Ana Belén Toribio the first thing to know when choosing a good wine is that all processes are very important when it comes to creating a quality broth. The elaboration process works like a chain and if the first process is not done well, the next one will suffer; That is why it is essential to take care of every detail and pay close attention to all the steps involved in its preparation.

Ana Belén affirms that Spain stands out for the varied gastronomic richness of its regions. "Spain is a mixture of gastronomically speaking cultures and in any place that maintains the kitchen with great raw material, and better preparation, you can take a surprise". The wine helps to enhance the taste of food and the sommeliers the experts in achieving the perfect marriage, so that the gastronomic experience becomes a delight for all the senses or just the opposite.

Publicado: 21 01 2019
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Ana Belén Toribio: The best sommelier in Spain
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Nace la Canary Wine Academy
Nace la Canary Wine Academy


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